Professional Logistics Services

Zeek provides diversified products including on-demand delivery for quick commerce, supporting food, grocery and lifestyle product, as well as SaaS solutions, fulfilling various kinds of logistics needs in the market.

Why Choose Zeek

Advantage #1

Comprehensive Solution for Quick Commerce

Zeek provides an end-to-end solution to allow quick commerce sellers to control their volume, customer data and less dependent on 3rd party platforms. Also Zeek doesn't charge commission rate so sellers can gain more profit and concentrate more on growing online business
Advantage #2

Special Handling Skill

Zeek brings in difference with experienced riders and special product handling skills to ensure a high service level. Delivery of fresh products, flowers or cakes... will never be easier with Zeek professional riders
Advantage #3

B2B Solution

Unlike other delivery apps in the market that just provide riders, Zeek focuses on understanding each client and their complicated operational process. Suitable for different budget and requirements, Zeek's solution allows client to optimize their businesses via a high quality delivery service, creating own ordering website, and managing own-fleet riders with different modules from Zeek's system.

Business Partners

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